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Saturday, August 21, 2004


From OCAP's website:-

"OCAP continues to face a pressing financial crunch. We are days away from the next Raise the Rates action at a Liberal Party Fundraising BBQ, the fight goes on against City Hall, yet we are still unable to pay our organizers or cover everyday organizing costs. If you can send a donation please do as soon as possible. If not perhaps you could contribute books, CD.s, videos or other small items to sale taking place next weekend. If you have nothing to donate come and pick-up some items at the.
OCAP Solidarity Sale
Sunday August 22
12 Noon onwards
at Uprising Books-
6A Kensington Ave. (just north of Dundas)
all books, CD.s, Videos, DVD.s and other small items welcome and available

To drop off donations in advance please contact Marque at the OCAP office- 416 925 6939 or leave small items only at Uprising."

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