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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Parkdale Tenants ASSociation Update

Frazer and Beverly live at 6 Elm Grove. Nothing's earth-shattering about their list of disrepair issues- no screen & window, squirrels in the chimney, front door lock problems, wires in the ceiling, their landlord came and ripped the wires out so there's now no light-
except for the sheer amount of horse paddy Frazer's gone through to implement resolving these issues. He has written to the city, Sylvia Watson, inspectors, trying to get info on his landlord. Frazer wanted copies of his work orders, he was told he couldn't get them; "Freedom of Information Act" (
Some speculate on "inspector schmoozing"; for those not familiar with this, it's when the City inspector goes "Hi, how are ya?" to the landlord, officially no money's being passed, and apparently the landlord voluntarily complies to fix things, so there's no work order done. People suspect there's also some cash being exchanged; There are persistent rumours that this is what happens all the time with the Wynns.