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Saturday, August 21, 2004

"Nimby"ing with vulnerable neighbours

Things like this people in opposition to 20 Triller should read:-

From the Torobnt Star:-
"Safe and affordable housing cuts stress: People with mental illness need stability. Neighbours often don't want `crazy people' next door"

It reads like a blueprint of my experience at the public meeting held at the Masaryc-Cowan Rec Centre.

"When the neighbours are invited to community meetings to hear about plans for supportive housing, they are supposed to talk about the building — the height, the shadow, the parking. "Without exception, people who come don't want to hear about it — they come to say we don't want those crazy people here," says Witkowski. "Even though we've tried to do some education, it became apparent people have no interest in having misconceptions corrected."

Witkowski and Birnberg and others in the supportive housing community say people with mental illness and other disabilities have the right to live where they choose and do not need the approval of the neighbours.

It goes on to say, "Yet,once tenants move into their buildings, the protesters are silent."

Something they should remember.

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