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Monday, June 28, 2004


Ya gotta wonder about a party that pisses off people as conservative as the NIMBYing homeowners in the Parkdale Residents Association.

Apparently, the conservative rep for the area felt coming would be a waste of their time

Here's the letter they're sending off to the public and media:-

 "This letter is written to inform you of our community's extreme dissatisfaction with the Conservative Party of Canada. Juri Klufas, the Conservative candidate for the riding of Parkdale-High Park, deliberately avoided the only all candidates meeting in our community.
 Though this meeting was attended by all other major candidates, Robert Wells, the campaign manager for Mr. Klufas, told The Parkdale Residents Association that the Conservative candidate would not attend the meeting because he had little chance of swaying many voters in the area; in short, he did not feel that addressing our community would be a worthwhile use of Mr. Klufas' time. As a representative of the Conservative Party of Canada, Mr. Klufas' avoidance of our all candidates meeting speaks volumes about the Conservative‚Äôs complete lack of interest in the community of Parkdale.
 Parkdale is an area of Toronto that has been largely ignored and avoided by decision makers. Given the diversity of race, class, religion, and ideology found in Parkdale, it is a community that acts as a microcosm of Canada. By avoiding the challenges Parkdale presents to goverment, the Conservative Party avoids the challenges of Canada as a whole.
 Though the Conservative slogan states that we should "Demand Better," the actions of their party's representatives certainly do not convince us to "Vote Conservative."

The Parkdale Residents Association"