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Friday, June 25, 2004

PAC Minutes: Wed.Jun.23, 2004 meeting: Masaryk-Cowan rec centre


it looks like we have a new issue
on our hands which is a direct result
of the police budget increase and
decisions made by City Council
under Mayor David Miller.

ISSUE: Masaryk-Cowan Recreation
has closed weekends due to lack of
city funding. This comes when City
Council granted the police the largest
spending increase in the history
of Toronto. The 2004 police budget
was increased to $690 million from
$650 million in 2003.

PAC is beginning actions to mobilize
Parkdale around this issue.

Here are the ideas we discussed last
Wednesday, June 23, 2004.

Sue Duncan, Mike Leitold, Frank Nieto,
Leo David, Grace Diaz, Robin Nieto

1) We will organize a neighbourhood meeting
around this issue
Tuesday, July 6, 2004 at 7:00PM in park
behind rec centre on Cowan Ave, near library.

2) A letter-writing campaign has already begun
focussing on politicians, particularly Councillor
Sylvia Watson, and Mayor David Miller as well as
the media (Grace has agreed to write draft letter)

3) We will talk to Councillor Sylvia Watson
about the issue

4) We will contact people who already use the
rec centre by putting up notices inside the rec

5) Part of our campaign to save the rec centre
will be hanging a large banner over the Roncesvalles
bridge advertising the issue (Sue&Tricia)

6) Will collect signatures from neighbourhood on
petition to present to City Hall (Sue to create
draft of petition)

7) Will create flyers and posters for
distribution around neighbourhood starting
Monday, June 28
(robin, Mike, volunteers from Parkdale
Intercultural Centre)

8) Invite local newspaper reporter from
Parkdale/Liberty to attend neighbourhood
meeting on Tues. July 6, 2004

9) Will invite musicians to meeting and
have banner making time
(Mike for musicians - Sue and Trician
for banner)

10) Possible to have free food that day?

11) Contact Indra from rec centre to
talk about issue (Leo&Grace)