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Friday, June 18, 2004



Folks. It’s time we had our own media.
We here at the corner of Lansdowne and Queen
have prepared a TV studio for the neighbourhood.
The set is ready and the cameras are ready to
roll. All that’s needed now is the people of


PARKDALE TV is calling for individuals and
organizations interested in being part of
local community television programming for
our neighbourhood.

The goal of Parkdale TV is to highlight the
points-of-view of the people of this
neighbourhood and to properly represent the
full diversity of Parkdale to build stronger
ties between us and a more informed and socially
conscious community.

If you are poor, unemployed, an immigrant,
a student, a worker or agencies serving these
groups, then you qualify to produce your own
television program to be aired in Parkdale
pending CRTC licensing.

English is not required.

Send your program proposals