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Friday, July 29, 2005

More cold from the South... Blizzard warning

The American Congress managed to get a majority vote and passed CAFTA, the Central American Free Trade Agreement, of which they managed to snag the Dominican Republic as a member.

They're hailing it as a major step in countering leftist forces on the rise, naming Venezuela's Hugo Chavez as a major problem; he's supposed to be using Venezuela's oil money to undermine democracy, (only a clueless ignorant North American would buy THAT), free markets, and American interests throught the hemisphere. And to make him seem like the second coming of the Devil, they're pitting him in as bedfellows with Ortega.

To think. One head-of-state in a teeny country hanging off a massive continent 2000 miles south of them is giving them the shits. Either that or they want control of the country, and/or their oil.

I'm starting to see a region of influence surrounding the Caribbean region, and it looks like a closing fist. Guess who's next.

I'll do something I abhor doing, and therefore avoid it. I'll add a personal note.
The intuitive gut part of me's feeling upset today, as if it were a stomach, and something bad to the system was ingested. Only it's not physical, and I can't barf.

I also seemed to engage in sporadic fits of frantic pacing. This is a busy weekend for me, for sure, but this new development certainly contributed to my general sense of unease. My system's been difficult to me whenever I eat.