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Thursday, December 28, 2006

BOXING WEEK SALE... refund bonanza!

Wanting to get away from the Rat Race?

Feeling hip, techy, savvy 'cause you got an iPod?
Got that Nike running tracker thing, too?

You've left the "Rat Race".

You're now a rat running in a cage.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Boxing week sale... Refund gift bonanza!

"DataDot DNA" Microdots that can't be seen, size of a grain of sand.

Supposed to help with tracking down property.

... Why the hell does it have the word "DNA" on it...?


You DO know RFID chips can fit in the dot over an "i" on a printed piece of paper, can be machine-washable and be embedded into clothing, right?

I mean, if you REALLY wanted to, you can take the technology to its , right?

Welcome to the politics of attrition..

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Remember the Rupert Motel

Thursday, December 14, 2006, at 11 AM
Northwest corner of Queen Street East and Parliament Street (at the site of the former 'Ruperet Hotel' rooming house)

Two days before Christmas, December 23, 1989, a spectacular fire roared through a rooming house called 'the Rupert Hotel'at the corner of Queen and Parliament in Toronto. Ten people died. Many others were left homeless.

Members of the 'Rupert Coalition', friends and housing advocates will gather at the site of the former 'Rupert Hotel' in downtown Toronto's east end on Thursday, December 14, at 11 AM. They will hold the yearly memorial for the ten people who died in this tragedy, and to demand government action on safe, affordable housing.

Music by Roger, Heinz and Paul, performing 'Remember the Rupert Hotel' and other songs. Guest Speakers. Memorial dedication.

Presented by: The Rupert Coalition (Community Residential Services of
Toronto) For more information: Bart Poesiat at (416)531-2411, ext.250

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Oh, look over there! Elvis!

Hey, you can go on payintg attention to the pomp and ceremony.

Or you can realise what's going on while you're being treated to a royal distraction:-

From the flyer:-

5% Reduction inr eal wages
The Deloitte Touche Report
20% reduction in benefits
60% pay increase for Crown prosecutors

Clients turned away...


Mass Meeting: Legal Aid Under Attack

Come out as a united front of clinic and legal aid emloyees

Meet to discuss strategies to reverse the devastating cuts to the legal aid system and the assault on access to justice

Hear about the next planned round of cuts and how they will affect you.

Presented by OPSEU Local 525
Info: call 416-531-2411 ext.250
or email

Wednesday December 6, 6:00 PM
31 Wellesley St.E. (Wellesley Subway) Supper Will be Served