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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Municipal election blues in Parkdale

I cannot see ahead to a bright municipal future for this city. In truth, folks care more about the province and the nation than the city. You can see this through dismal voter turnout during the city elections.

In Parkdale if 12,000 people vote, that would be considered a breaktrhough. But given our candidates, I don't blame people for staying home on election day.

One day I would like to see one politician actually earn their stripes when representing poorer areas. There's alot to be done in Parkdale, but other than Waterfront mania among a small group of people, I haven't seen anything else by candidates since I last wrote on this blog.

I haven't seen candidates working on solving Parkdale problems or leading some kind of community wide program to transform this neighbourhood in a way that is inclusive.

For instance, people living in problem buildings continue to deal with their landlords without respite and absolutely no promise of respite from any candidate.

Why oh why can't even one candidate at the very least promise what one candidate is promising up in the Jane and Finch area. Anthony Peruzza promises to enforce landlord licenses. That is licenses for owners of buildings that are regularly inspected and rated. If regular maintenance isn't done, the building gets cited and the landlord can't raise rents until all repairs are completed.

The license regulates greedy landlords to comply with decent housing standards for tenants. And it is the city that enforces
these licenses.

This is an interesting platform. One that could get folks motivated to go out and canvass buildings in the area. This sort of thing could make a big difference for tenants currently living in fifedoms.

What does any candidate in Parkdale have that is remotely close to this kind of platform, one that actually makes a tangible difference in the lives of people and their families?