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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Today's Liberals (2006)

So the Liberal story isn't over. Losing the Parkdale-Highpark by-election despite their dirty campaign, both Sylvia Watson and Premier Dalton McGuinty said they'd do it again.

In a Sep. 15, Toronto Star article by ROB FERGUSON AND ROBERT BENZIE, Watson was quoted as saying she "wouldn't change a thing" about her campaign. In the same article McGuinty said he was "proud" of Watson and wouldn't have handled the campaign differently.

Let's not forget Parkdale-Highpark, we have more municpal and provincial elections coming up. While Watson assured the public that she would not run during the municipal elections, McGuinty has signalled that he is prepared to continue campaigns aimed the personal lives of his opponents.

How far these Liberals of the 20th Century have sunk. The good thing is that they are making their arrogance and elitist attitudes known to the public.

Most older folk who vote Liberal do so out of habit. They are Liberals by culture started during the Trudeau era. I would say a good portion of older Canadians still believe that today's Liberals are the continuation of Trudeau's legacy.

The public is just starting to know the true Liberals of today. What comes to mind is the Campbell regime in BC, billions
of dollars stolen from the E.I fund, the sponsorship scandal, the infighting between the Martin camp and the Chretien camp and closer to home, the dirty Sylvia Watson campaign here in Parkdale led by McGuinty's lot.

The Liberals today are without leadership, looking to Bob Rae who ruined the NDP before coming out of the closet to show his Liberal stripes.

Or they look to Michael Ignatieff who hasn't even lived in Canada for the last 30 years and parachuted into an Etobicoke riding despite the vocal protests of Liberal constituents.

I don't think today's Liberals are considering Gerard Kennedy for leader simply because he doesn't know enough of the "right people".

And let's not forget that the federal Liberals sent Canadian troops to Iraq while they were the government, and used our troops as logistical support for the U.S invasion of Iraq.

This is not the Trudeau or Pearson Liberals that defied U.S. arm twisting to put Canada on the map as a leader in international peacemaking.

Closer to home, they are not even the type of Liberals like past councillor K.K, or ex MPP, Tony Ruprecht, that while doing nothing for the neighbourhood, kept lines of communication open with their constituents.

Not so with today's Liberals. Sylvia Watson was the type that was open about her contempt for any constituent that questioned what was going on in the neighbourhood. An elitist through and through, she ran for MPP thinking that favouring the "right people" would see her through the election.

Most constituents vote Liberal because the Liberals are supposed to give everyone a fair chance at being part of this society, regardless of their income, race or religion.

Today's Liberals won't give you a chance, period.

So why vote Liberal?