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Sunday, August 27, 2006

All Candidates waterfront walk Monday, August 28th

This from Bart:-

All Candidates waterfront walk
Monday, August 28th
Start: Parkdale United Church at 171 Dunn Avenue at King street

1:30 walk south to Marilyn Bell Park
1:45 walk along waterfront boardwalk
2:00 ten minutes for discussion of impressions
2:10 Finished

Purpose of walk
The waterfront parks are the only parks within walking distance of Parkdale residents. The only other parks in the area are tiny parkettes that were fashioned out of left over land. Thousands of people live in close proximity to the waterfront but face many barriers in accessing it. Our walk will allow us to use both routes that take residents from Parkdale to the waterfront.
1: The trip will allow residents to communicate challenges to politicians and media
2: The trip will ensure that our next provincial representative will be familiar with current access problems for residents.
3: To get everyone; residents, media and politicians thinking about future improvements

There will soon be five Provincial candidates in the race. Candidates David Hutcheon (PC) and Cheri Dinovo (NDP) have already offered to accompany us on the walk. The Freedom party candidate cannot attend and the Green party has not yet nominated a candidate. At the present time Sylvia Watson’s campaign manager says that Sylvia Watson will be too busy walking around the riding to attend our walk.

Walk starting point (1:30pm at 171 Dunn at King)

Thanks, Roger Brook

Parkdale-High Park Residents Waterfront Group

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