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Monday, May 29, 2006

Water Fight: update

The battle for public space between the haves taking away from the have-nots continues:-

Public waterfront meeting:
Monday May 29th

Mayor David Miller’s office has assured residents that he is opposed to a
parking lot under the ancient willows east of the Palais Royale. Without the
mayor’s support the idea is all but dead.

There will be an upcoming meeting on May 29th where Councillor Watson and
city staff will be asking residents to agree to establish a new parking lot
across the road from the Palais Royale in the treed median parklands. After
staff presents this option there will be an opportunity for residents to
articulate alternatives during the question & answer period.

At the meeting we will be asking Ms. Watson to look at alternatives which do
not involve paving over city park lands such as..
1. Options which do not add new parking (use existing parking lots, improve
transit/pedestrian access
2. Compromise option: Create new parking spaces in the curb lane of
Lakeshore Blvd. so that the existing parking lot can be reserved for Palais
Royale users.

Let’s send a message (once again) that our treed public parklands should not
be viewed as future parking lots or places to be fenced off for private use!

Main event:

The 5 Parkdale-High Park Residents Associations present a…

Meeting on the Palais Royale parking situation
With Councillor Watson
Monday May 29th, begins at 7:00pm
Fern School, 126 Fern Avenue (just east of Roncesvalles)

Have your say-- here are the available alternatives…

* No new parking/ use existing parking/ improve transit & pedestrian access
* Allow curbside parking along the south side of Lakeshore Blvd during the
* Construct a parking lot on city-owned Parklands in the Median between the
east and westbound lanes of Lakeshore Boulevard.