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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Nash wins, Parkdale-Highpark goes NDP

Parkdale-Highpark started January 24
with a new social democratic
representative. The majority of
voters in our riding chose Peggy Nash
and the NDP to represent
us in Ottawa in the 2006 Canadian
federal elections.

Nash took the riding from Liberal
Sarmite Bulte who has held her
job as M.P. here for the past 9

And here are the official results.

Candidate Party VoteCount Vote Share

Peggy Nash NDP 20690 40.31%
Sam Bulte LIB 18489 36.02%
Jurij Klufas CON 8767 17.08%
R. Rishchynski GRN 2820 5.49%
Terry Parker MP 311 0.61%
Lorne Gershuny ML 133 0.26%
Beverly BernardoNA 119 0.23%

Over 51,000 folks in our riding voted,
going along with a trend in Parkdale-Highpark
of increasing voter participation.
In 2000, 42,000 people voted.
In 2004, 47,000 cast their ballot.

With 4,000 extra voters, Nash gained
a little more than 4,000 from the last
election when she got 16,201 votes.

Amazingly, the Liberals stayed
relatively stable in Parkdale-Highpark,
losing only 1,000 votes. The damage
could have been alot worse.

So, the unexpected phenomenon in
Parkdale-Highpark was the number of
new voters.

Way to go Parkdale-Highpark.