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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

In the 12 Days before Elections, things to seriously consider

I was going to do this in the same vein as "The 12 days before Christmas, but with something more subatantial than tha gifts. Then i thought of doing the 12 days AFTER Xmas, starting in New Year's Day.

Then it hit me. 12 days before Election day.

So here's a little something, to refresh your memory all sorts of things that hang in the balance, not just "oh they're corrupt" and "politicians are corrupt" that not only affect us locally, but on the international stage, which is just as well, since we're almost joined at the dysfunctional hip to our neighbour South of the border, and they stretch their... hm, claws out in their efforts at affecting the world stage.

Try remembering something telling that happened here on this contenent, however:- we elected Mike Harris, and we got the Walkerton scandal. In the United states, where they're 10 times as populous, they elected George Bush Jr; then they get the New Orleans flooding disaster, the net result of funds being siphoned off from the dam for years now.

Yes, yes, politicians are corrupt, blah blah blah, it's a moot point. it's smoke and mirrors, a way to distract you from the REAL damage being done.

My case in point:- by now you've heard the term being bandied about, "Harris Kids", those who reaped the benefits of his cutbacks, the gun shooting incidents in recent weeks the most visible. Check the timeline between the two-tiering Frankenstein job being done on our health care, erosion of sovereignity, with the NAFTA and Mulroney's being in office (check out the MIA agreements, too).

As "bad" as the Liberals are being portrayed, you can't fool yourself that the Conservatives AREN'T going to be worse. Who knows, maybe in the grans scheme of things we might find out that the cause for the sponsorship scandal getting the public spotlight was so that we might have cause for retaliating, 1995-against-Bob-Rae style.

Only this time, instead of me predicting to Sheila, one of the 8 chicks in a house I was living in at the time, that you'll instantly regret it and are sending things from the frying pan into the fire, it'll be on a national scale.

You like the idea of Harper Kids in a population range nation wide?

Politicians will be corrupt; we have jokes about lawyers being a low form of life. But that don't mean we reject all lawyers outright.

Keep things in perspective.