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Monday, January 16, 2006


Monday, January 16, 2006


Plagued by political scandal, the Liberals
under CEO, Paul Martin, are finally
responding to the Canadian public after
years of sitting on their laurels, or should
I say, pots of gold. Well, they're responding
now to documented cases of corruption at least.

The Libs are not just Canada's strongest
political party, they make up Canada's
political culture, that is our public institutions,
our media, immigration and our international
image. The Libs stretched beyond politics
and weaved their way into Canadian culture.
Now that's power and that's why they don't
really need to be accountable to the public.
They know they will continue winning,
corruption or not.

The Conservative contenders are upstart
westerners led ironically by Toronto city
slicker, Stephen Harper. The Conservatives
are a testament to the Reform party and their
evolution into the Canadian Alliance which
took over one of Canada's oldest poltical
parties in a stunning internal coup.

But not without a fight.

Old time Progressive Conservatives (PC)
like former Prime Minister Joe Clark
rejected the takeover of the PC party
by western regionals. For those who
know western Canadian history, the
Canadian Alliance represents a U.S.
annexationist political current that is
older than the nation of Canada itself.

U.S. annexationism was never successful
which made the Canadian confederation
possible. With the take-over of the
PC party, the annexationists are closer
to power in Canada than ever before.

Both the Liberals and the new Conservatives
have one thing in common, they are both
competing to represent big business,
corporate interests, U.S. policies, and

With politicians in Ottawa standing
to enrich themselves personally through
selling off Canada through privatization,
the NDP is supposed to be our alternative.

However, the NDP has been so thoroughly
used and abused by Liberals in disguise
(Bob Rae, Ujjal Dosanjh, and others
still haunting the party) that it has lost much
of its credibility. Labour union executives
like Buzz Hargrove also work towards the
defeat of the struggling party in the interests
of the Liberals.

Add to this sorrowful motley crew of
internal opposition, the media, that is CTV,
the Toronto Star, and the the Sun, are
dedicated to showing the NDP as a
redundancy at best, making NDP leader
Jack Layton look like a man without a

When you have so much against you,
you would hope the NDP would see this
an election as a political war on all fronts
and lead a no-holds-barred political
campaign to fight for the people of this
country who face the same enormous
pressures the party faces.

Up to now however, the NDP has run
what can be kindly called a meek