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Saturday, December 31, 2005

2006 is here...and what's next?

Hi folks,

a big, huge, enormous hello to my people in West Toronto!

I will be posting articles of my stay in revolutionary Venezuela soon but for now, I have Canadian politics on my mind.

How is it that we have reached a point in Canadian history where the people of this great land have simply abandoned their claim to government? We have simply given up our government to a party that has been proven to be corrupt by the Gomery investigation.

And given the apathy of the Canadian public to its own government, the neo-cons are getting more and more bold and seemed poised to actually take control of this country.

At some point, we have to wake up. It's one thing to complain about our politicians and their corruption, and another to abandon our government altogether. It's not like the government will be left alone if we leave it alone. It will be taken over by folks like the Liberals and the neo-cons.

Every person that I have spoken to since I arrived 6 months ago has said the same thing about their political situation. "There's nothing we can do."

I cannot prescribe the solution to this political crisis, but I do believe that regular folks have to start talking with each other about politics, if we consider politics as making decisions for our own interests and that the government is ours. Right now folks talk about the government as if it belongs to aliens.

So, neighbourhood folks, we have a lot to talk about. We need to discuss our alternatives. And we need to argue, get mad, and come back for more until we start coming up with our solutions to our problems, and finally... take back our government.

Peace with dignity.