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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Make Space for Peace! Keep Canada out of Missile Defence

From alix:-

Canada is under pressure from George W Bush to join his $1.3 TRILLION scheme called Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD). Canada has already signalled its openness to the plan by announcing changes to the NORAD (North American Aerospace Defence) treaty.

BMD is about the weaponisation of space and will lead to a new arms race. Most Canadians already oppose it. Let's make sure that the federal government hears us!

Rally & march
Saturday, October 2
U.S. Consulate
360 University Avenue

Called by the Canadian Peace Alliance.

Endorsed by: Canadian Arab Federation (Toronto chapter), Canadian Labour Congress, People AGainst Weapons in Space, Toronto Coalition to Stop the War, Toronto and York Region Labour Council.

For more information:

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IIIII'm Baaaaaack...

Ok. So I'm officially back, I guess.

Went to a building survey this evening, and boy, the horror, the horror. Hopefully details will be for public consumption soon.


Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Parkdale Tenants Assn. news

From Bart Poesiat:-

"We managed to talk to a number of tenants, including a number of the tenants we talked to last time. It is clear that the building maintenance has greatly improved and most tenants are quite happy. Almost everyone we talked to said that a building condemnation of 1475 King was not a good idea and would be counter-productive at this time. It is important to stress that the tenants said that it is because of the PTA's work that things have improved dramatically in the building, especially after it became known that Roland (the landlord) had been nominated for the Golden cockroach.

We then decided at the meeting after to drop the idea of doing another building condemnation and concentrate on the Golden Weasel and the City. Obviously not everyone was present when this decision was made (Morag, Naomi and Tricia were absent), so this decision could be revisited before our next meeting (on the email, I guess). We then went to another PTA success story: 115 Dowling (Neelam's building). As you remember we did a press conf. there last fall and got much publicity about the mess there (including the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and Goldhawk Live).The building has been painted on the outside, much work has been going on the inside and what looks a million dollar rebar job on the garage is going on (where we took all the pictures!).

  PTA SUCCESS STORY. Clearly we should capitalize on this and make a big fuss about our success. Maybe do a 'Then and Now' story with pictures on the website."

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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Site news

I'll be in the States for a few weeks, so there'll be a hiatus of news info until then.