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Monday, July 12, 2004

A Scheme to Cancel the U.S. Elections?

Here's your dose of scaremongering
As for the constitutional implications, Soaries' concern is vastly understated. Since there are no provisions in the U.S. Constitution providing for the cancellation of elections by the federal government, Soaries is asking us to consider "under what circumstances" the Constitution ought to be overthrown. His proposal amounts to a usurpation of power: in effect, a coup...Short of nuclearizing every major American city, Al Qaeda, in and of itself, is powerless to "disrupt" our electoral process:...

Think Kerry's gonna change things if he gets electd? Read this, and think again... Might be pulling a Dalton McGuinty Stateside...

Posted this because some things on the other side of the border affect us here.

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