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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Raise the Rates & homeless followup

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get to the Raise the Rates rally, but I just talked to the guys at OCAP and here's the lowdown on what happened:-
A contingent of about 50 people showed up at the Jarvis welfare office. They spoke to the manager and asked her to deliver the message to the Provincial authorities she answers to that they're concerned about the rates. They arrived at Queen's Park to find all the doors locked.

(...all hands up to who was surprised?? Nobody? Ok, let's move on...)

Someone found a way in.

Homeless still under Gardiner = Check;

Here's the thing:-
 From what OCAP's getting feedback on, as bad as the wholesale clearing of the poor and disenfranchised was since 1998 and that Safe Streets Act, it's worse now. WORSE. They're working the East and West ends.
 OCAP refers to it as "Social Cleansing". fitting term.
 John Clarke was telling me about a 74 year-old woman in the Chinatown area who was vending vegetables who was thrown to the ground, her goods possibly confiscated, that's the extent it's reached.

You got time tomorrow, the 17th, to head to Osgoode Station around 4:00pm, do it.

Mark your calendars, folks:- August's the time they plan to inject a little poor people's realism into the nice big fat Liberal fundraising barbeque in Rosedale.