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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

PAC meets tomorrow night at 730PM at Parkdale Legal

Hi PAC people,

we meet tomorrow, Wednesday, June 2 at 730 PM at Parkdale
Legal Services.

Also, MOSAIC meets tomorrow at 600PM and needs to
see all interested volunteers for their June 12
Parkdale festival. According to MOSAIC's Anne-Marie,
if PAC volunteers do not attend tomorrow's meeting, then
MOSAIC will not provide us with a table the day of the

MOSAIC meets at the Parkdale Library in the basement...600PM.
Contact Anne-Marie at 416-533-1788.

The Parkdale Intercultural Association would like to
meet with us. They have some interesting programs
that could benefit some of our folks.

Contact Grace Diaz at 416-536-4420.