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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Homeless man dead stone's throw from Gatekeeper squat

The morning of June 1, 2004, a homeless man died within yards of an empty building at 558 Gerrard - the house that Dennis Mills, MP, pretended to lay his job on the line over by promising to see it opened as housing last winter. Obviously Mills failed.
From OCAP's page:-
What stock should be put on such a vague promise coming as it does from a man who can't open one building for the homeless is a rather serious question. Moreover, given the experiences of poor neighbourhoods over the last number of years, the mantra of 'mixed neighbourhoods' is one we have learned to greet with extreme suspicion. Condos and upscale housing is where the developers make their money and they have precious little interest in housing the poor. On the contrary, the agenda is to socially cleanse poor areas and demolish low income housing projects so that the central area of the City can be redeveloped for the upwardly mobile. Token and declining percentages of 'affordable housing' within this process will not prevent the relentless drive to push the poor out and the defence of existing communities must be taken up.

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